Scoring for Games

Discover the challenges, benefits, and collaborative opportunities in the world of Scoring for Games and learn how to compose music that adapts and enhances the interactive gameplay experience in video games. 

Module 9 (3 credits)

In this module on video game music production, you will be introduced to linear and non-linear compositional strategies tailored to the gaming industry. You will explore relevant workflows and methodologies, including interactivity, technical and compositional constraints, and file delivery processes.

What will you learn in this module?

  1. Adapting to Non-Linearity: Create music that seamlessly adapts to non-linear gameplay, dynamically changing based on player actions or events.
  2. Aesthetics: Understand concepts like “game state,” branching and level and how these affect music.

  3. Loops: Creating a Successful Seamless Loop with Intros and Outros.

  4. Layering: Practice Vertical Remixing and Horizontal Resequencing.

  5. Branching: Learn how the evolution of gameplay affects the arrangement and dynamic expansion of the music.

  6. Collaboration with Game Developers: Learn to collaborate effectively with game developers, understanding their vision and aligning the music with the game's narrative and aesthetics. 

  7. Middleware: Learn the rudiments of music implementation with industry-standard tools FMOD and WWISE. 

  8. Recording The Game Score: Prepare your own digitally produced game score for overlay with live strings, woodwinds, and brass.

How does this module meet industry expectations? 

  • You will learn the do’s and don’ts of how to compose music that is genuinely adaptive and enhances player engagement in the game.
  • You will learn how to work collaboratively with game developers and audio directors.  

  • You will learn the basics of creating music that dynamically responds to player actions, crafting an immersive player experience. 

  • You will gain expertise in the use of music implementation middleware.

  • You will become familiar with delivery requirements for all game formats

Assessed recording assignments

  • Creation of seamless loops with intros and outros.

  • Layering assignment.

  • Final Project.

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