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Celebrating the achievements of accomplished music composers who have honed their craft and excelled in the industry. Discover their inspiring journeys, from refining their unique styles to composing scores for films, games, and orchestras, and how they continue to shape the world of music.

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Free benefits offered to alumni of all of our programmes, including educational composer seminars, guest lectures and professional portfolio opportunities




Exclusive guest composer seminars and lectures. Past guests include James Newton Howard, John Powell, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Mychael Danna and more




More than just live events, all alumni can schedule free photography and videography sessions with our team for their websites and professional portfolios when they visit Sofia




Educational events and lectures with current faculty and guest composers on MIDI mockups, mixing and production, sound design, and composer workflows

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Alumni Spotlight


Master of Fine Arts in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media

edvard bolas

Edvard Bolås (Norway)

I grew up on a small farm in the countryside of Norway, where my grandmother began to teach me piano at the age of five. Since then, music has been a major and essential part of who I am. Throughout my life I have done a lot of small projects, dealing with theatre, live music, small films, and general music production. Since graduating from FSAE I have gotten involved with projects for the major video game Fortnite. One which is already released, called Skybox 2, and one which I am currently working on.


Online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring

regina waue

Regina Waue (Germany)

From a young age, my musical life was influenced by John Williams. When the first Star Wars film was released in 1977 (I was 11), I bought the soundtrack LP, which kept the adventure alive for me. Music has always been a passion that guided me intuitively. I play many instruments, including guitar and various brass instruments, but only started composing film-like pieces in 2021. I completed the Soundtrack Composer A.C. at a German school and earned a Graduate Diploma in Film & Game Scoring from FSAE. The greatest experience was conducting my music played by the European Recording Orchestra. I am currently working on music for an audiobook and aim to deepen my path in this direction.


Film Scoring Summer Program

mathew magneson

Mathew Magneson (Canada)

Mathew Magneson is a 23-year-old Singer/Songwriter, Film Scorer, and Producer from Toronto, Ontario. As a recent alumnus of Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program, Mathew has transitioned into full-time freelance work as a one-man band live performer, often seen lugging around his leather suitcase from the late 1800s that he retrofitted into a kick drum for his live looper performances. In addition to his live shows, he is working as the composer and sound designer for Theatre By The Bays’ original play “If I Only” which will be his fifth production with the company.

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