Career and Major Project Development

The MFA Major Project substitutes a fully developed audio-visual work for the typical Master’s thesis. Such a work requires research, planning and careful production management. Most students will opt to score a short film, animation, or video game. The accompanying paper will document their process, thus developing the film and game composer’s competencies in project development, research, management, and presentation.

Module 11 (3 credits)

This module aims to prepare you for undertaking the necessary research in the development of your Major Project. Since the Major Project is intended to be a calling card for professional work and your introduction to the industry, project development is supplemented by a general primer in essential business skills for the film and game composer, including pitching, website development, understanding of contracts and industry business models, and an overview of the composer’s potential revenue stream. 

What will you learn in this module?

  1. Prepare and undertake research for your Major Project 
    • Learn effective research methodologies and techniques
    • Develop a clear and well-structured project proposal
    • Create a project that sells your distinctive voice and style

  2. Receive guidance and mentoring to develop your Major Project
    • Gain valuable insights from experienced mentors in the field
    • Enhance your project management abilities
    • Learn effective presentation techniques

  3. Explore the business aspects of composing for film, gaming, and related media
    • Understand contemporary composer contracts and business models
    • Learn effective marketing strategies for promoting your work
    • Discover methods for disseminating your compositions to a wider audience

  4. Benefit from regular consultation and lectures with industry professionals
    • Receive personalized guidance on developing your career
    • Learn from the expertise of faculty members 

  5. How Do Media Composers Earn A Living? 
    • Understanding Synchronization & Master Use Rights
    • Performance Income and Mechanical Royalties
    • Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)

Upon completing the Career & Major Project Development module, you will emerge as a versatile and confident film and game composer. With refined creative skills, effective project management abilities, and invaluable industry insights, you'll be equipped to launch a successful career and make your mark in the world of music for film and games.

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