Studio Conducting and Conducting in Rock/Pop Environment

Giving conductors actual experience conducting in both rock and pop and recording studio settings, enabling them to be effective communicators. Instruction on studio working methods, such as click tracks, streamers, conducting to picture, rhythm sections, pre-recorded recording, monitor mixes, and interacting with producers and engineers.

Module 2 (3 credits)

This course module is designed to enable conductors to be effective communicators and facilitators of the demands and requirements of the recording studio and pop/rock performance environments.

What exactly will you learn?

  1. Conduct an orchestra utilising click tracks to sync musical elements of the performance with picture and/or pre-recorded staging or other pre-determined events.

  2. Effectively communicate with producers and engineers in the recording booth within the pressurised environment and strict time constraints of recording sessions.

  3. Quickly hear, analyse and troubleshoot problematic elements of the score in the recording session.

  4. Discover, nourish and encourage the individuality of each performer's particular parts and interpretative abilities encouraging risk-taking to optimise the final outcome of the recording.

  5. Encourage the critical listening skills of the studio performers again to optimise the final outcome.

  6. Coordinate and merge the disparate style and the demands of a contemporary performance where classical musicians and pop/rock musicians share the stage together in a live performance. E.g.  Elton John with orchestra, Metallica with orchestra etc.

Learning outcomes:

You will be trained to work with click tracks, streamers, conducting to picture, rhythm sections, pre-recorded tracking, monitor mixes, interaction with producer and engineers, developing skills pertaining to final sound production in the environment.