Fundamentals of Symphonic Conducting Technique ​

At the Conservatory, candidates study specialized individual conducting training with eminent resident and visiting conductors, from the Baroque through the 20th Century periods, there is an emphasis on improving performance practice, artistry, and technique, as well as developing and improving interpretive skills.

Module 1 (6 credits)

Universal language of gesture. Students pursue bespoke individual conducting studies at the Academy with a distinguished resident and visiting conductor/s. Throughout the duration of this course module, you will refine your conducting performance practices, artistry and techniques, developing and improving your interpretive skills through consideration, reflection and the application of current practice styles across a broad range of Symphonic Conducting repertoire (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th century).

What exactly will you learn?

  1. Introduction/Review

  2. Beat patterns

  3. Beat preparation

  4. On and off beat cues

  5. Indication of dynamic and phrasing

  6. Initial preparation with 2 pianos

  7. Prepare with orchestra

  8. Representative repertoire to cover the above

  9. Orchestral Psychology 

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course you will be able to:  

  1. Be proficient in basic conducting beat patterns.

  2. Co-ordinate left hand cues to instrumentalists while maintaining accurate time functions with the right hand

  3. Employ gestures with the left hand that indicate musical intent, e.g. dynamics, phrasing and character of the melodic line  

  4. Employ extended body language techniques that complement the time and phrasing elements described above to further communicate musical intent, e.g. facial expression, intensity of musical moments and other related expressive indications

  5. Confidently employ stage presence techniques to command the orchestra and audience with conviction and charisma.

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