Concerto Conducting

Learn to use the very different listening skills necessary for conducting a concerto, facilitating the sections of the music where following the soloist is crucial. 

Module 3 (6 credits)

Concerto conducting makes different listening demands of a conductor than the standard symphonic orchestral conductingYou will learn to apply listening techniques which facilitates those places in the music whereby “following” the soloist is of the utmost importance.

What exactly will you learn:

  1. Access areas of co-ordination between soloist and orchestra and find solutions that will enable a seamless collaboration. 

  2. Balance the dynamics of the orchestra so as not to overpower the soloist’s performance 

  3. Communicate with the soloists to formulate an agreed interpretation and execution of the work.  

  4. Rehearse the work in hand with soloists and orchestra effectively within time constraints. 

  5. Employ psychological consideration in the communication between soloist, conductor and orchestra that empowers confidence in a shared vision of the ultimate artistic outcome of the performance.

Learning outcomes:

To provide you with the facility to accompany classically trained instrumentalists. You will prepare this module through the study of prescribed concerti across various instruments and various style periods. 

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