Music Technology and MIDI Mockups

Master the art of achieving authentic performances with virtual instruments and blending them with artful electronics to achieve true hybrid form. Learn to use the DAW as a full-service recording studio, a writing desk, and a playground for your imagination. 

Module 6 (6 credits)

In this module you will master the essential technology used in film and game scoring for both composition and production. Whether your platform of choice is Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, or something else, the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is the environment in which you’ll spend the majority of your creative time.  Learn how to select essential instrument libraries and use them to bring authenticity to your work. Go deep into MIDI editing craft, sound processing, and production technique. Understand the efficient workflows and essential mockup techniques that produce the high-impact scores that captivate audiences.

What will you learn in this module?

  1. Best performance techniques for bringing authenticity to virtual instruments

  2. How to take virtual instruments levels beyond their stock settings

  3. How To Make Mockups That Sell Your Music

  4. Use MIDI editing techniques to enhance realism and emotional impact 

  5. Turn “programming” into performance to bring life to your work

  6. Create original virtual instruments

  7. Prepare virtual compositions for live overlay or replacement

  8. Accurately sync music to picture and adapt to trims and new cuts

  9. Stretch, compress and manipulate time to match picture

  10. Cut mapping

  11. Mix and master tracks for optimal delivery in all formats

  12. MIDI Clean-Up & Preparation for Orchestration Export

  13. Stemming 

  14. Multi-channel theatrical audio formats

How does this module meet industry expectations?

  • It allows you to present your musical ideas to directors, producers, and other collaborators in a more tangible and immersive way. 

  • A well-executed mockup can effectively convey the intended emotions, pacing, and overall vision of your composition. 

  • Mockup skills enable you to experiment with different orchestrations, arrangements, and sonic possibilities without the need for live musicians, saving time and resources during the creative process. 

  • It enhances your ability to communicate effectively with orchestras and conductors during live recording sessions, ensuring smoother collaboration and better results.

  • Ultimately, mastering mockup technique empowers you as a film composer to create compelling and professional-sounding demos and previews that can open doors to new opportunities in the industry.

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