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"The best month of my life!"

The statement we hear over and over, summer after summer. Read what our graduates say:

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Riadh Khodri (2022)


The Summer Program has been a life changing musical experience. We will all remember this collective journey. From day one I knew that this immersive experience would make the difference. The rate at which these composers have increased their knowledge and leveled up within a one month time frame is very impressive. I personally recommend the summer program to any aspiring film music composers. It is a great experience, with an online or MFA program if you wish to continue studying.


Bryan Armand (2022)

United States

This was an amazing experience! The lectures, instructors and recording ensembles were awesome! I'd highly recommend this program to composers of all experience levels. The staff does a wonderful job of challenging students of all types of backgrounds. Plus, Varna is a great place to spend a month in the summer. I don't think any of us wanted to leave at the end of the program!

David Cerquetti

David Cerquetti (2022)


This is the first step for a career in film scoring, I recommend this course to any composer. I learned the art of writing music for pictures, the art of creating emotions from the greatest musicians I’ve ever met. It was amazing to know 22 composers from all over the world, create friendships and share thoughts. At the Film Scoring Summer Program you can create a professional portfolio for your studies or your auditions. The faculty helps you, giving advice and suggestions in order to build a career. I am really happy to be part of this family now!


Andrés Walker (2022)


Being a composer can be a very lonely day-to-day endeavor. At the FSSP we had the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow musicians, share life experiences, laugh and go out, crunch over deadlines; great experiences that are better if we do them as a community. I loved to hear everyone's music, their voices, their personalities; it was beautiful. These days we live in such a competitive and globalized world, that it was great to feel the support of everyone around you. There was no envy, no competition, no bad vibes, only a bunch of composers enjoying each other's music, company and trying to support each other. I'm grateful for the experience and for my new friends.


Phil Braithwaite (2021)


This course… WOW! Truly exceptional, unique and inspiring. I don’t believe there is anything else like this in the world. In three and a half weeks I gained a 4 piece portfolio with live recordings, years worth of knowledge and a family to last me a lifetime. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Do it you will not regret it.


Sasha Nagorna (2021)

United States

Coming to this program was the best decision I have ever made in life. For the first time ever, I felt like I completely fit in with a group of people who are all as passionate about the craft as I am. The lectures, faculty, recordings, fellow students, city, and beach were all amazing and I learned more in this month about film composition than in the last 20 years of my life. This was truly a life-changing experience that I cannot recommend enough.


Katie Jenkins (2019)


Participating in this program truly changed my life. Learning to be able to write quickly and appropriately for the recording sessions was extremely valuable and a different experience than other programs I've participated in before. Meeting and learning from other composers from across the globe fueled my enthusiasm for film music, and experiencing all of this on the beaches of the Black Sea made this my most unique and memorable summer yet.

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Jay Moffatt (2019)


No matter what level you’re at, The Film Scoring Summer Program allows you to develop as a composer. The Faculty inspire you every day by passing on their passion and enthusiasm for film music in the classroom, on the soundstage and in the studio. You get to work with amazing musicians, in a breath-taking location, creating irreplaceable friends along the way. It’s one of the most profound experiences of my life and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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Christopher Gillard (2019)

United States

As a mostly self-taught pop/rock musician, I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge as far as composing for orchestral instruments. FSSP filled those gaps and then some! From the amazing instructors to the pieces we composed to the almost instant camaraderie with the other participants, it is a super intense three weeks, but so SO worth it!

Judith Litoff

Judith Litoff (2018, 2019)


I spent the most incredible 3 and a half weeks in Varna studying film composing and meeting the most amazing musicians. For me, to be surrounded by such talent and friendship was simply THE best experience, and helped me to understand that I really am a composer!

Theodora Byrne

Theodora Byrne (2018)


The Film Scoring Summer Program was a fantastic experience for me. It provided challenges that put me out of my comfort zone and led to be some of the most gratifying learning experiences I've ever had. I learned so much about my own creative process and ability over the three weeks in Varna, and forged some life long friendships in the process.

Piero Schlochauer

Jay Moffatt (2018)


The Film Scoring Summer Program made me a better composer in so many ways. From the technical aspects to the emotional experience, all the way through the extremely useful insights into film scoring in general. I'm really grateful for all those that participated, teachers and alumni included.

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