Daily Classes

Classes are held in the morning and afternoon each day, and are designed to be informative, inspiring, theoretical and practical. You will learn from experienced and active film composers, orchestrators, producers and industry professionals; a unique opportunity to gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in the film scoring industry.

Daily classes in the mornings and afternoons, with the evenings reserved for composing, one-on-one time with faculty or collaborating with the other composers.

The Film Scoring Summer Program boasts a comprehensive lecture series designed by the faculty at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe. With subjects drawn from our Online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring, and our Master of Fine Arts in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media, we have created an essential summer course for aspiring film and game composers.

Classes are held every day in the morning and afternoon. In the evenings, composers spend time working on their music, getting some extra help from faculty members, or enjoying Varna's local restaurants and beach.

Just as critical to the learning process is the time spent engaging with and learning from the other composers from around the world who participate in the program. We have a maximum of 24 composers enrol on this program each summer from 15-20 countries, meaning you have opportunities to draw a wealth of knowledge and experience from the nearly two dozen composers seated in the chairs beside you.

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Summer Classes

Over the course of 3.5 weeks, we focus on the skillsets needed by the modern film composer including MIDI technique, DAW workflow, orchestration for solo instruments, small and large ensembles, recording, mixing, production, the art of screen scoring and more.

This is not just a theoretical course. It's a practical experience: you will learn how to work under deadlines, how to collaborate with other talented composers and professionals, and how to draw out your best voice and present it at the highest level. Most importantly, you will learn how to create music that moves people: telling stories and evoking emotions to create film music that moves the audience and enhances the onscreen narrative.

The classes and recording sessions are designed to complement each other. In class you will learn the theoretical foundations and principles of film scoring, and you will put these skills into practice in the real-world, professional setting of the recording sessions.

By the end of the Summer Program, you will have a thorough understanding of the art of film scoring, as well as a professional portfolio of your work that you can use to showcase your unique voice and dive into the film scoring industry.

 Here's a more detailed look at the classes and recording sessions:

Week 1:

  • MIDI / DAW Skills and Workflow 
  • The Role of Piano in Film Music 
  • Orchestration for Film: Solo Piano 
  • Individual Orchestration Tutorials 
  • Recording Session: Solo Piano: Scoring An Emotion 

Week 2

  • MIDI Mockups and Hybrid Scores
  • Music Technology for Film Composers
  • Scoring a Season: Compositional Styles
  • Orchestration for Film: String Quintet + 2 Clarinets 
  • Individual Orchestration Tutorials
  • Recording Session: 7-piece: String Quintet + 2 Clarinets: Scoring A Season 

Week 3:

  • Recording Techniques and Studio Setup 
  • Recording and Mixing Solo Instruments and Small Ensembles 
  • Film Focus for Film Composers
  • Orchestration for Film: 21-piece: Strings, Piano, Harp
  • Individual Orchestration Tutorials
  • Recording Session: 21-piece: Strings, Piano, Harp: Scoring Drama / Scoring Under Dialogue 

Week 3.5

  • Mixing a Full Symphony Orchestra 
  • Orchestration for Film: 38-piece Symphony Orchestra
  • Advanced Film Composition Masterclasses
  • Individual Orchestration Tutorials
  • Recording Session: 38-piece Symphony Orchestra: Reading & Scoring A Scene / Scoring A Main Title 

If you're ready to dive into the world of film scoring, then our Film Scoring Summer Program is the perfect place for you.

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