Offering Three Unique Training Experiences for Conductors:


Full-Time Masters Program

MFA in Classical, Studio, Contemporary Conducting & Related Recording Technologies. 54 credits.

Conducting Short Course

The Modern Conductor in A Week. 2.5 hours of podium time. 3 credits.

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Conducting Summer Program

A 3-week fully immersive summer program for modern conductors. 8 hours of podium time. 6 credits.

Master of Fine Arts in Classical, Studio, Contemporary Conducting and Related Recording Technologies

offering modern conductors what they need most:

  1. Regular Weekly Conducting Experience with a Professional Orchestra

  2. A Comprehensive One-Year Practical Experience: Classic Orchestral, Studio, Chamber, Live Orchestra to Film, Opera, Big Band

  3. Exposure to our world-renowned team of conductors. Why study with one conducting professor when you can study with ten?


Proud Partner of the:

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Malcolm Yuen

Program Director

Pedagogue, Conductor and Violinist. Associate Conductor, Dublin Philharmonic; Music Director, Irish Chamber Ensemble, and Juror, Wiener Musikseminar

Now Enrolling for 2022:

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Students from the United States can request information about Financial Aid at

The Ultimate One-Year Practical Experience for the Modern Conductor

Conservatories and Universities around the world notoriously offer their conducting candidates a limited conducting curriculum, sometimes including intermittent rehearsals with their student orchestras.

We take an entirely different approach.

We've teamed up with the Vratsa Symphony Orchestra and are providing all of our conducting candidates 30 minutes of podium time with a professional orchestra every week. Plus, we've created the most comprehensive MFA degree program for the modern conductor offered by any University in the world.

10 Reimagined Modules

Designed in consultation with our conductors, orchestrators, music supervisors and mix engineers from around the world, we've crafted the ultimate 54-credit Masters program for modern conductors.

Conducting Masters

Module 1

Fundamentals of Symphonic Conducting Technique

The universal language of gesture. Candidates pursue bespoke individual conducting studies at the Conservatory with distinguished resident and visiting conductors. With an emphasis on refining performance practice, artistry and technique, and developing and improving interpretive skills through consideration, reflection and the application of current practice styles across a broad range of symphonic conducting repertoire, from the Baroque through the 20th Century periods.

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Conducting with Derek Gleeson, Music Director of the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra and Artistic Director of the European Academy of Fine Arts

Live Orchestra to Film with John Beal, acclaimed American film composer and conductor 

Concerto conducting with Nayden Todorov,  Music Director of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

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Nayden Todorov Conducting 2.jpg


Six merit-based scholarships offered to qualifying students as determined by the Admissions Board. No additional scholarship applications. All accepted students are automatically considered for scholarships.

Nayden Todorov.jpg

Nayden Todorov

The Admissions Board and Nayden Todorov will grant the "Nayden Todorov Scholarship" to an accepted student in Spring 2021. Submit the program deposit before January 1st, 2021 to qualify.



John Beal.jpg

John Beal Scholarship

The Admissions Board and John Beal will grant the "John Beal Scholarship" to an accepted student in Spring 2021. Submit the program deposit before February 1st, 2021 to qualify.



Valeri Vachev

Valeri Vachev Scholarship

In Memoriam of the great Valeri Vachev, Principal Conductor of the Vratsa Symphony Orchestra. Submit the program deposit before March 1st, 2021 to qualify for this scholarship.



Derek Gleeson

Derek Gleeson

The Admissions Board and Derek Gleeson will make a joint decision and name an annual "Derek Gleeson Scholarship" recipient.



Malcolm Yuen

Malcolm Yuen

The Admissions Board and Programme Director Malcolm Yuen will make a joint decision and name an annual "Malcolm Yuen Scholarship" recipient. 



Christo Pavlov

Christo Pavlov Scholarship

The Admissions Board and Christo Pavlov will make a joint decision and name an annual "Christo Pavlov Scholarship" recipient.





Academic Calendar

Two semesters of course work with a third semester dedicated to the Major Project. SEMESTER 1 -- Full-time, presence in Sofia required Sept. 5, 2022 -- Semester 1 commences Nov. 24 -- Thanksgiving Holiday Dec. 9 -- Final day of classes Dec. 10 -- Winter break SEMESTER 2 -- Full-time, presence in Sofia required Jan. 19, 2023 -- Semester 2 commences Mar. 17 -- St. Patrick's Day Holiday May 12 -- Final day of classes May 26 -- Semester 2 ends SEMESTER 3 - Presence in Sofia Optional May 27, 2023 -- Semester 3 commences Aug. 31 -- Semester 3 ends

Tuition & Fees

Total Course Tuition: €24,450 Payment Schedule Program Deposit: €1,000 (Due to enroll) Tuition Downpayment: €4,000 (Due June 1, 2022) Payment 1: €7,000 (Due September 1, 2022) Payment 2: €6,450 (Due December 1, 2022) Payment 3: €6,000 (Due March 1, 2023) Be sure to check out the "Costs of Living in Sofia" dropdown to see how much more affordable Sofia is compared to other major European and American cities. Financial Aid Programs: USA: FAFSA - Norway: Lanekassen - Colombia: Colfuturo -

Costs of Living in Sofia

Costs of living in Sofia are extremely low in comparison to other major European and American cities. Exponentially cheaper than LA, NYC, London, Valencia, or Boston, while maintaining an extremely comfortable standard of living. Sofia, Bulgaria compared to other cities that house Conducting Masters degrees: 73% lower than New York City 65% lower than London 64% lower than Los Angeles 66% lower than Boston 30% lower than Valencia For more information on comparing prices between cities, visit The Conducting Institute will have a team ready to help students find accommodation in the city centre. MFA Students who wish to live together will be able to find shared accommodation for as low as €150 - €200 per month. MFA Students wo wish to live alone will be able to find accommodation for as low as €350 - €400 per month.

Visa Requirements

Accepted students from the EU do not need a Visa. Accepted students from outside the EU will require a Type-D Student Visa. It is advisable that accepted students from outside the EU prepare the Student Visa requirements on the Bulgarian Embassy website in their country. Our Visa Officer will assist enrolled students with their visa procedures.

Application Requirements

Submitting your application to The Conducting Institute is simple; please click here. Required documents to submit an application:

  • video examples of you conducting three (3) different pieces of contrasting styles (these need to be uploaded to a video streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo so that you can insert links into your application for the Admissions Board to view)
  • 1-page Letter of Interest, detailing why you are a viable candidate to be considered by the Admissions Board for the MFA Program
  • copies (Image or PDF) of any music degrees / certifications you have earned
  • CV / Resume (PDF format)