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Attention Film Scoring Summer Program Composers!

Please submit this form as soon as possible, prior to your departure to Varna.

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Please provide details of someone we can contact in the event of emergency during the program.

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Arriving Flight Information (to Varna)

Your tuition includes your hotel room for check-in on July 2 and check-out on July 29. If you want to arrive earlier or stay later, that is perfectly OK! Input your information here and we’ll make sure your reservation at the hotel is accurate — you can pay in cash at the front desk upon arrival to the hotel for the extra nights. The price will be somewhere around €40 per night.

Airport to Hotel Transfer (Arrival)

Cherno More Hotel and Casino

bul. "Slivnitsa" 33, 9000 Greek Neighborhood, Varna, Bulgaria

There are two options for traveling from the Varna International Airport to the Cherno More Hotel:

1. Taxi (approximately 14-16 bgn) -- approach a taxi stand and use one of the official taxis. Do not accept someone who approaches you asking if you need a ride. They will likely charge you 4x or 5x the price. Do not accept a "fixed rate" if the taxi driver offers this. Ensure they run the meter.

2. Private Car (20 bgn) -- select this option if you would like for us to arrange a pickup for you via a private car. We'll get in contact with you closer to your arrival date to coordinate these details.

Departure Flight Information (out of Varna, end of the program)

To get from the Hotel to the Airport at the end of the program, you will have the same two options. You can book a taxi via the hotel front desk, or you can arrange a private car. We'll take care of this process at the end of the program.

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